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Spam Email

You may have been directed here by receiving email spam from the domains rawxing.org, rawxing.info, dalzielrugby.com, dalzieldragons.com, dalzieldragons.co.uk amongst others. I am not the source of this spam, nor has my server been compromised. I am currently the subject of Email Spoofing, whereby someone is sending mallicious emails, but masking the sender address with one from my domain.
When I realised this was happening (I have a catchall account enabled, so when an email is returned undelivered by your email client to the invalid spam addresses, I receive it), I have improved my SPF records, to provide a hardfail if the sending server is not mine. This has increased the returned emails to me, but, crucially, will have reduced the amount of spam, apparently, originating from my domains.
If you are still receiving spam from my domains, I would encourage you to liaise with your network administrator, and get them to implement SPF checking on incoming mail. This is by no means fool proof, but certainly cut down on the volume of spam that may get through.

If you need to contact me, please don't hesitate to: niall at rawxing.org

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